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I’iga Pisa Launch Site (Agingan)

Adopted by Samoa-Marianas

PPP Site:

I’iga Pisa Launch Site (Agingan)


PPP Partner:


About this project:

Samoa Marianas committed to adopting the Historical Samoan Village and the I’iga Pisa Launch Site Agingan. Both sites are of great significance to the Marianas, Samoan Islands history, and Pacific Islanders. The plans for the sites consist of the following: 1) clear all areas of overgrown grass and debris, 2) bring in fresh soil and plant Japanese grass, 3) plant new coconut trees to mark the area, 4) replace sign boards with permanent historical information and markers, 5) build sitting benches and clear the walkways to the beaches, 6) partner with COP to keep the area clean, and 7) repair the toilets and pavilions.

All PPP projects are made possible by the support of the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s public benefit fund with the Dept. of Public Lands.

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