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North Trails

Adopted by Triathlon Association of CNMI | NMI Cycling Federation

PPP Site:

North Trails


PPP Partners:

Triathlon Association of CNMI & NMI Cycling Federation

About this project:

Triathlon Association of CNMI and the NMI Cycling Federation committed to adopting the North Trails, well know for adventurous hiking and connection to nature. Both organizations are working together to complete the upgrades on the North Trails: 1) maintain the trails, 2) construct signs, 3) implement bike repair stations, 4) widen Banza as a Family trail, and 5) incorporate mountain biking feature for all to enjoy.

Engage with us:

All PPP projects are made possible by the support of the Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan’s public benefit fund with the Dept. of Public Lands.

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